the bid writing specialists  winning funding for your business Assessing the tender opportunity - stage 1 The tender process starts with the pursuit decision - is it worth investing the resources required to develop a winning submission?  It is crucial to assess how strongly the opportunity fits with your business’ current strengths, and future plans for growth.  We assist clients make thorough but speedy decisions on whether to proceed addressing the following key questions: How well does the opportunity fit our current strengths and future plans? How well does the customer know our business and our strengths? Who created the customer’s need and vision for the solution? Is there an incumbent and how positively does the customer view them? What resources do we require to develop our tender response, and can we win? We can help you develop a framework that enables you to determine whether to proceed with all the tender opportunities you identify.  Get in touch to discuss your tender opportunity and we’ll help you decide whether to proceed. Contact add specialists Quick links Company information Mobile: 07869 516928 Landline: 01969 640070 E-mail: add specialists registered in England & Wales Company number: 07424081 VAT number: 102730464 find out more about add specialists Business grant finder Open grant schemes Business tenders Winning track record Click here to complete our new business grant finder Looking for a grant for your business?   Let us do the searching for you for free.  add specialists business grant finder Aim of stage: “Identify whether the tender opportunity is worth pursuing & develop your win strategy.”  Stage 1 - Assessing the opportunity Your winning tender strategy Once you have decided to proceed we can help you develop a winning tender strategy.  A key component of the strategy is identifying hot buttons which are an amalgam of the customer’s issues, needs, requirements and evaluation criteria.  Some hot buttons may be explicit in the tender documents, but others will not be stated and will require careful identification. Our strategy will help you undertake competitive analysis to compare your strengths and weaknesses to key competitors.  We will then help you identify your unique discriminators that your tender response can be structured around.  This work culminates in the development of your winning proposal strategy. In our experience it is never too late in the process to develop your tender strategy.  If you are currently working on a tender and cannot easily: cite the customer’s explicit and implicit needs and desires; state your competitors strengths and weaknesses; and, list your unique discriminators linked to the customer’s hot buttons... ...then get in touch with us and we’ll help you identify your winning tender strategy.  “We were impressed with add specialists’ friendly and  professional approach.  They produced an outstanding tender response for us.  We  recommend them unreservedly. Arshad Javed, Managing Director ATL Limited Let’s keep in touch Follow us on facebook, twitter and linkedin follow add specialists on twitter follow add specialists on facebook follow add specialists on linkedin Winning tender strategy - add specialists